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I am a self taught 2d character and FX animator. What brought me to animation industry was the inspiration by the cartoon movies those I used to watch in my childhood. I used to draw cartoon characters either by tracing the famous cartoon characters or sometimes just by copying them.

As I grew up, I jump into the animation industry, as I mentioned earlier that I was inspired by the cartoon movies so I felt no hesitation to get into the animation industry.

E-books helped me a lot and I kept going through them. Afterward I started realizing the movements of the objects around me, this generated an actor inside me and I started to act different things whenever I got a chance to be alone.

It increased the craze of animation inside me and I started learning to draw properly. Now I am at the stage to draw necessary poses myself for my animation. But still I need a lot to go on, that?s why, I want to spend most of my time in learning drawing to improve my animation skills.

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  • "Animation is fun and fun in animation makes it more fun. That's what you can see in Izhar's work. He understands what can make a character more lively. Body language in his work..."
    Saad Ali
    Art Director, NthRay Studio
  • "Izhar is a very enthusiastic, Creative and Motivated professional with a deep interest to excel on the basis of his skills and research to innovate his work. Coordination with m..."
    Hamid Rasheed
    3D Modeler & Animator, Dynapix Animation Studio
  • "Izhar is a very humble person with tremendous animation skills. We always referred to him if he had any tough animations or needed smoother results. His speed as well as his pro..."
    Ahmed Ali
    Project Manager, Numairical Studios

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